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Início > Eventos > Congressos > 15º Congresso de Logística
Message from Chairman

The reality of the Portuguese economic conjuncture is characterised by two main factors: reduction in domestic demand and increase in exports. Undoubtedly, exports are an inevitable reality compulsorily deserving, by the Logistics Community, a moment of reflection structured on how Logistics is, or, should be a facilitator or differentiating element, bringing value proposition in the business process of companies.

Therefore, APLOG decided to hold its 15th Congress on "Logistics: The differentiating factor in exports", allowing for a structured moment of reflection , for the whole Logistics Community and opened to the whole Business Community, mainly for the companies in the export business sector.

In this 15th Congress, we would like, above all, to offer an opportunity for sharing knowledge, in other words, to submit the policies and the determining variables in the process of export, and to jointly submit, assess, reflect and discuss the best logistic practices and the success cases in this context. For this purpose, we have invited a panel of nationally and internationally recognised leading speakers who will share their vision and, mainly, their professional experience.

The programme consists of a number of plenary sessions with an approach, on the one hand, of economic and business framework, and on the other hand, of conceptual nature, including identification of trends, presentation of international studies, success cases and assessment of infrastructures and available means to make the export process more agile.

The parallel sessions, as usual in APLOG Congresses, are moments where participants will acquire more specific knowledge, sometimes unique, through presentation of case studies, solutions, good practices, implementations, and so forth. In the specific case of the export process, we aim to disclose different dimensions and experiences. Thus, we wish to present the export process to several business sectors, to address context costs, destination geographies as well as to disclose technology and information solutions pertaining to the export process.

The 15th Congress on Logistics has also a promotional and exhibition area where companies, public and private organizations will have the opportunity to disclose their updated offer to the participants and, in parallel, it is also a scenario to trigger and deepen contacts, in other words, to form and develop real partnership networks.

We are sure that the interest of the proposed subjects and the quality of more than 30 invited speakers will raise great interest and, consequently, a strong adhesion from entrepreneurs and professionals, confirming once again APLOG Congress as a major annual event in the logistics community.

Looking forward to meeting you next 30th October, please accept my best Logistics Greetings.

Alcibíades Paulo Guedes


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