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Assembleia Geral 2020
18 de junho
Sessão Online
Organização: APLOG
23º Congresso de Logística
11 e 12 de novembro de 2020
Organização: APLOG
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12th Logistic Congress
"Logistics in the Age of Uncertainty ”.
In the unpredictable context of the world economy over the last year APLOG considered that it would be important, in its 2009 Congress to reflect on the role of logistics in times of uncertainty.

Over the last few months many opinions have been offered on how to react to the economic and financial crisis that has rocked the Global Village in which we live.

Technological progress and expansion of the Internet over the last decade have made it possible to use powerful tools that have greatly benefited economic activities. But it was these powerful tools themselves, that over the last year, also acted as the lightning-fast source of alarming news.

António Jorge Costa

- Economic and financial leverage via better logistics options
-What potential logistics responses to new business models
- Activities Related to the Guest Country / the Netherlands
- A blooming future for agrologistics
- Presentation of "Situation of Logistics in Portugal" Study
- Modern Paperless Picking Solutions
- Best Practices
- Main Challenges in Management of Logistics Contracts
- Trend in Supply Chain Management - Vision of International Managers
- Contractual Relationships in uncertain times
- Logistics in an Airport City and its links to nearby infrastructures
- Information systems and technologies, key factors in logistical performance
- Best Practices in Logistics in Europe / ELA" - European Logistics Association
- Achieving the Future: client needs in 2020
- Sensitive Product Logistics
- New Challenges, new solutions
- Logistical Reconfiguration of Operations
- The Challenges of Change in Maritime Transport
- Recent developments in Supply Chain Management

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